Every March when the college hoops tournament occurs, men everywhere have brackets on the brain. But there's only so much basketball a guy can take before a change in focus is in order, ideally involving sexy women. That's where Playboy comes in!

Each March for the past four years, we've offered up a much more visually appealing version of the ubiquitous bracket. We asked Playboy fans to bestow the title of Favorite Playmate, Best College Babe, Best Butt and Best Boobs on one of 64 gorgeous nude girls. Click on the images to the right and feast your eyes on every participant in each of the four friendly competitions. Stephanie Larimore, Ashley Taylor, Patrycja Mikula and Whitney Leigh eventually came out on top, but as you'll see, all of our models qualify as a championship-level beauty by any measure!
Favorite Playmate Nude Bracket Favorite College Babe Bracket Best Butt Nude Bracket Best Boob Nude Bracket